Captain America (2011)

“Action-Packed Family Adventure” 8/10

Captain America tells the heart-warming, action packed story of Steve Rogers (Chris Evans), a weedy but determined man desperate to join the military and fight for his country in World War II. After being turned down for military service repeatedly he receives an offer he can’t refuse from Dr Abraham Erskine (Stanley Tucci) who promises to change his life and make him a hero – Captain America is born.

This is a great action packed family film that tells the heroic story of Captain America. The film uses some impressive digital technology to make Evans look small and skinny, a far cry from his superhero self. The special effects are reasonably impressive and add to the overall action impact of the film. The story in itself is like the other current Marvel films: lots of fast-paced action scenes with some heart-warming moments scattered throughout, and it flows between the softer and punchier scenes enough to capture your attention constantly. Chris Evans takes on the role of the iconic superhero convincingly and is the perfect antidote to the evil scheming of the enemy Johann Schmidt (Hugo Weaving). The film’s supporting actors Hayley Atwell, Sebastian Stan and Tommy Lee Jones add to the overall appeal of this film.

This is an enjoyable, if occasionally cheesy, punchy superhero film that charmingly displays the classic comic book story in a way that all ages can enjoy. Whether you’re a Marvel fan already or this is your first taste of it there is something for everyone in this action-packed adventure.


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