Last Vegas (2014)

“A Fun, Feel-Good Film” 8/10


In a strange coincidence I ended up watching this on a plane on the way back from Las Vegas a week ago and I think this made it even more enjoyable, recognising all the places I had just been to. Last Vegas is a fun, easy-going film about four men who have been friends since childhood, who find themselves stuck in a rut, and decide to escape to Vegas for Billy’s (Michael Douglas) bachelor party. However past tensions emerge between Billy and Paddy (Robert De Niro) that threaten to change the lives of the four men in ways they couldn’t have imagined.

Although the premise for this film may sound like an “older man” version of The Hangover (2009) it couldn’t be further from it, however the gang do manage to throw one wild party! Instead of jaegerbombs and tigers, this film is full of wisdom and philosophy about life and the past, interwoven with plenty of comedic scenes and fun. Robert De Niro, Michael Douglas, Morgan Freeman, and Kevin Kline each bring a heart-warming character to the story. Set of course in Vegas, there are plenty of amazing shots of the Strip and the gorgeous Aria hotel, and the guys prove that just because they are older now, doesn’t mean they have any less fun. But it’s not just empty fun, of course there are lessons to be learnt from each character stemming from the mistakes they feel they’ve made in the past.

A fun, feel-good film that provides many laughs but also some pause for thought about life. If it makes you feel like taking a trip to Las Vegas, I can highly recommend it as a great experience no matter what age you are!


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