Gravity (2013)

“Visually Mind-Blowing” 10/10


After winning seven Oscars this year I couldn’t wait to see what the buzz was surrounding Gravity. It blew my mind. It is engineered so well that everything about it is incredible.

The visuals are probably this film’s most prominent feature – given that the scenes of space and the Earth have been created almost entirely using CGI it is a breath-taking and strangely immersive setting, giving a real sense of emptiness that is heavily contrasted with the restricted space shuttle scenes. Alfonso Cuaron truly deserved his Oscar for Best Achievement in Directing. Running a close second is the acting – Sandra Bullock and George Clooney hold the film entirely, being the only two actors featured in it, and that really adds something to the feeling of perpetual emptiness and solitude associated with space itself. Bullock is the real star of the show here, the simplistic but effective story centres on her and she portrays a vulnerable, relatable character in this film incredibly convincingly and with many complex elements. I’ve seen a few other films that she has been in and I was impressed at her ability to really branch out in this film and offer such a strong performance. George Clooney does well as Bullock’s astronaut partner with a calming and authoritative character that is just as likeable as Bullock’s.

As I mentioned above, the story itself is fairly simplistic although it offers a deep insight into the lives of Clooney and Bullock’s characters; but it’s so effective, almost giving the impression of time having no meaning out in space (the pace of the film reminded me of Jim Jarmusch’s wonderful Only Lovers Left Alive (2014)).

Gravity is visually stunning and beautifully acted, keeping you on the edge of your seat and drawing you in to the fascinating unknown that is space. Watch it in HD on a good size-screen for a truly immersive and effective experience, you won’t be disappointed.


2 thoughts on “Gravity (2013)

  1. I was interested in this review Claire. You seem to like this film for all the same reasons that I was put off watching it. The use of CGI, the limited possibilities of the plot, and the usual so-so acting of Bullock, which you praise. Perhaps I will give it a chance after all! (Only have a 40 inch TV though…)
    I am concerned about the possibility of a happy, but perhaps tearfully arrived at ending though. After all, it is an American film, even if much of it was made in the UK.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    • I was initially put off for the same reasons but ended up watching it on a flight (so large TV not a requirement, it was still good!). I’m not sure how I feel about the ending, I guess it is quite predictable, but then with a limited plot line it’s always going to be. It’s a tough one though, I feel I expected something else, but not quite sure what! It’d definitely worth a chance though!

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