Frozen (2013)

“A Sweet Disney Offering But Over-Hyped” 6/10


Frozen is a heart-warming Disney adventure following the story of two sisters: Elsa (voiced by Idina Menzel) has the power to create ice and snow, but an accident leaves her frightened and isolated from the world; meanwhile younger sister Anna (voiced by Kristen Bell) is determined to bring Elsa back out into the world. When their kingdom is plunged into an eternal winter Anna sets off on an adventure to save the kingdom and her sister.

This is by no means a “Christmas” film, as in there is no Santa or Christmas setting, however I guess it can be classed as a festive film what with it being set in winter! It has a typical sweet-Disney styling: there are catchy songs and likeable characters – in particular, Olaf the snowman (voiced by Josh Gad), who provides warm-and-fuzzy moments. The morals of the story and theme of the importance of family are quite endearing, and the characters of the sisters are very relatable. The story itself is fairly simplistic, but different to other Disney films (and apparently inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Snow Queen”), with a couple of some more complex emotional scenes as well. As a children’s film adults can expect to only be mildly entertained by the charm of the animations, and maybe the occasional chuckle at a rare adult joke – It’s not got the same enjoyment factor for the adult audience that some other animated classics have (I still love the likes of Monsters Inc (2001) and the Toy Story for example) but perhaps that is because I grew up with those films and appreciated them when I was younger!

Frozen is a sweet animation with songs and characters that children will love. I’m a bit too old to be captured by it in the same way that a younger audience would – there was a lot of hype surrounding this film and it fell slightly short of my expectations, but still heart-warming. Good luck on getting “Let It Go” out of your head afterwards!


6 thoughts on “Frozen (2013)

  1. I lost the plot with Disney many years ago Claire. Mainly because of Pixar, as well as my own increasing years. I still love ‘Dumbo’, ‘Pinocchio’, all the old stuff, but I am just too long in the tooth for ‘Toy Story’, ‘Nemo’, and all the new offerings.
    However, I think that your 6/10 and the header sums it up beautifully. ‘Over-hyped’.
    Great review, and very best wishes. Pete.

    • Thanks! The true Disney classics will always be the best, I don’t think they’ll ever manage to come up with films like that again. I only watched this because a few of my friends were raving about it but I personally didn’t feel it!

  2. Good review, Claire; although, I would argue that even though this film may not be classically considered a “good” or “original” film, I would urge you to maybe reconsider it’s level of importance. It’s much more important and crucial than people assume in the way that it subtly subverts the viewer’s romantic expectations of a story resolved. Especially adults. I know I was sitting there and expecting Anna’s salvation to come in the guise of a big, burly man–a la, Kristoff–but instead, it came from a much more honest, much more heartwarming place: her sister.
    I actually just wrote a review for the movie on my website. Check it out when you get a chance and let me know what you think:

    • Your review is great, and I’m glad to see that you picked up on the same flaws in it as I did. Having read your review and what you’ve just written I admit that I have slightly overlooked the importance of the true moral of the film – I had picked up on it as being a redeeming feature but not really given it much more thought. I too thought I’d guessed the ending, only to be pleasantly surprised. I will give it another go as I first saw it on a plane a few weeks ago having had little sleep which probably didn’t help it to offer me any huge significance! Thanks for the different perspective!

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