I’ve just finished my degree in Business Management and am looking forward to getting out into the world – I’ve never been very academic and I’m very much a people-person so I’m eagerly anticipating being able to start a proper job and make my own impact on the world.  I’m not the ruthless business-woman type that probably springs to mind when people hear “Business Management” – in fact, I’d love to change that preconception that people have.  I’m hoping to help make a difference out in the world by helping people to have a great time and enjoy life.  I’d also love the chance to travel more and explore the world.


This blog fuels my true passion in life – film.  For as long as I can remember I’ve loved films and the idea of acting, and in a parallel universe I’m brave enough to give it a shot.  I have one claim to fame – I was briefly in the background of a shot from the film Cellular (2004) starring the gorgeous Chris Evans (who I have been a fan of ever since), on a trip to Los Angeles that kick-started my love for the big screen.  Since then I’ve watched more films than I could even guess at and have developed a taste for arty films that has surprised me.  Having said that, I will watch pretty much any genre of film and have a list of all-time favourites that come from the polar opposites of genre and style, and everything in between.


For me, film is escapism.  It’s about losing yourself completely in a world that is varying in difference from your own, both visually and emotionally.  That’s what I truly love about it – the same film can make you laugh and cry and empathise and think.  I value excellence in acting above everything – a beautifully acted film will capture me – but story is a close second.  If a film has both I can watch it countless times, and I love nothing more than a film that does all that and then keeps you thinking long after it’s finished.   I’m hoping to write a screenplay soon now that my degree has finished and maybe that will be the start of something exciting for me!


My aim with the reviews is simple: sharing my opinions on films that I’ve seen in the hope that it might help some more people take a chance on watching a film and discover something incredible.  Please feel free to share your own opinions with me too and any recommendations for film gems that I may not have seen yet!


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  1. Hi Pete! I have been having a slight break, I got a full time job a couple of months ago but had a huge commute so never had any time to write anything, then I went to America for a couple of weeks, and now I’ve only just moved closer to work but have no proper internet yet! I have done a few reviews but haven’t been able to post them – I get WiFi next week and will begin again then!

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